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Children’s Story:
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In European tradition, tassels have long been an important form of decorative trimming for high-quality fabric products. Today, the production of these trimmings is often mechanized, but the finest work is still done by hand, resulting in products of striking artistic beauty. The German word for “tassel” is Quaste, and a Quastler was a tradesman skilled at making tassels and similar fabric trimmings for fine clothing, upholstered furnishings, and window decor. The corresponding English term is a tasseler, and the French term is a passementier.


“Quastler” is my wife’s family name, suggesting that her ancestors may have been professionally engaged in the passementerie trade. We purchased the Quastler domain name several years ago, but no one in her family wanted to use it, so I decided to post a few things I had written over the years. You can find links to those writings in the left margin.

Torah Nondualism

The “ebook” (Torah Nondualism) is the most substantive of these writings. It is a commentary on the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible). It reconciles modern biblical scholarship with Jewish hermeneutical techniques recorded in the Zohar (13th century c.e.). The latter techniques of biblical interpretation are often dismissed by modern scholars as nothing but post hoc homiletic creativity, but I have found that in some cases the meanings they reveal are so consistent throughout the Bible’s text that they cannot be mere accident and must have been intended by the Bible’s redactors. By combining these traditional methods with modern insights, I have been able to discover hidden themes in the Bible that others have overlooked.

By way of example, the image below depicts a scribal secret regarding God’s name, a secret that is explicated in detail in Part Two of Torah Nondualism:


More detail regarding this secret and links to similar secrets can be found here (shorter) and here (longer).

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